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The new president
11.05.08 (1:42 pm)   [edit]
I would like to congratulate Barack Obama. I hope his term in office goes well.

A new Isreali conflict
08.01.06 (12:05 pm)   [edit]
I hope Isreal is on the same page as a US strategy because I'm pro-US. I agree with certain opinions that if Isreal didn't exist in that region, a lot of anger wouldn't be there. But to be quite serious, I never expected Isreal to try and enter the war on the US side. We didn't include Isreal in the either gulf war so how they're trying to pair up with the US in some kind of strategy is beyond me. I'm not against Isreals right to exist, I'm against Isreal always turning up in a conversation when you ask somone in the gulf why they're so angry. The world is waiting to see if Isreal is coming up with a strategy that serves its on ends, serves just the purposes of Isreal and totally contradicts the efforts the global community has put forth to stabalize the region or serves as a positive force that finally puts the gulf conflicts in perspective and allows for peace in the region.

AI database
05.11.06 (11:36 am)   [edit]
I have thought of the most basic way to achieve AI.  Simply hava a database with every question a person could possibly ask, within reason of being answered.  I know what you're thinking.  Well, people can ask an ifinite number of questions but you know what, on average, conversations really don't go that deep when you chat with someone.

Flash drives and multiple boots off one system
04.13.06 (12:29 pm)   [edit]

I thought of a great idea when it comes to flash drives.  Why not buy several monitors and hook it to one box  known only as the chipset system.  Have several usb ports to boot different operating systems off of it and allow people in third world countries to boot their computers from that one system.  That way, several people in one househould could have their own computer.


I still envision the day where people just boot from their flash drive whatever os they have and all of their data is stored on their flash drive as the move from computer system to computer system. 

Interesting site describing an NBC interview
03.22.06 (7:26 am)   [edit]
aim media monitor link 

Support President Bush!
03.20.06 (7:51 am)   [edit]

I strongly support President Bush. He has to bear the burden of working on delivering on what the Democrats and the Reuplicans wanted.

When the war first began, I saw barely any desenting views opposing the war. But what I also knew was that the war would take time and anyone with something to gain "contractors, old debts owed, ..." would try with all their might to make the US look bad.

I knew, just like any conflict that the United States engages in for longer then a year or so would be, in the end, met by Americas laziness to finish what it started. America has a history of engaging in something and leaving it half done.

Americans believe that everything works like McDonalds. They believe we have an "easy" button and the war begins and stops just by pressing some button. But the world doesn't operate that way. When you start a venture, you have to work practically 12 hour days just to keep it running. I believe most businesses fail in the first 7 years or so. In this case, the Unites States engaged in the business of starting an entire country from scratch. This means, helping to start numerous businesses. And it didn't stop there. The US helped political parties. Helped to build an entire military from scratch.

I could continue to a cresendo, but what's the point.

Let's just say that what's being engaged in is unprecedented and stops nothing short of extrodinary. What will be the result of a strong and stable Iraq that people fear. Here's the fear. The fear is that the US will support Iraq and just like any country the US has supported, that country has the option to look for a different ally down that road; however, the result of this current plan will mean that Iraq has access to some of the most technologically advanced equipment the US has to offer. Something that startling would make it easy to see how even a country like Isreal would become nervous.

Imagine that, an arab country with the same capabilities as the United States ...

Anyone with any common sense knows that 2 things are occuring. An election is scheduled for 2008 and the media is losing money. One side is a democratic party desperate for power and the other side is a media, desperate for money. If things do not go bad for the Republicans, the newspapers will not have any stories people want to read and the Democrats will never have a chance at the 2008 elections. Right now, everything is pretty bad for the Democrats and the media. So the Democrats are trying the best move they can come up with. Some yuckle from cow tipping country Wisconsin shouts, "Hey, let's censor the president." Right away, you begin to see the desperation is totally complete. And the media, jumps all over it.

I remember there used to be areas in Iraq where businesses couldn't open and streets were undrivable. Now all of that has changed. Businesses are florishing and 90% of all street are open throughout Iraq. The bombings are occuring but those bombs, like the media and the Democratic party, are the bombs of desperation.

The people who do not support a stable Iraq are: 1 US enenmies. 3. Iraq enemnies. 2. People who have a financial gain for an unstable Iraq.

I say, support the President even though the media wants you to believe otherwise. Your television has other stations so don't watch news station whose entire budget comes from getting you to watch the news. Also, just like your imaginary, everything is "easy" button, your television has a volume control button. When people are saying something you don't agree with, turn down the volume, make up kind words in your head and turn up the volume when you see someone nice on the television you agree with and want to rally behind. C'mon, get up off that couch, you can do it! If you are in a crowd and the crowd seems to act as if you're "forced" to go along with their opinion, there is always a public restroom and the call of nature during the "guys ranting of hows everything is bad with the world" melts away and disolves into the oblivion.

Anyway, I totally support the way the war is going and I totally support the way the country is being ran. A good question then would be to ask is, well, what do I not support. Ok. What I do not support is how difficult it is to figure out what to properly invest in that will give the greatest return on investment. The best thing to invest in for a minute was cell phones (communication), defense contractors and oil. I also don't support over-fishing.  I hope the people who fish are forced to set up farms in the ocean where the only fish they get are the fish that are in the farms. 

Well, that's it for now. ;)


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internet entrapment
03.15.06 (2:41 pm)   [edit]
I sometimes think the internet was designed as a better way to not just spy on citizens domestically but citizens abroad. Most communications are now taking place over the internet and tapping the internet isn't considered wiretapping. The federal government is asking google to give up records to "make everyone safe." Here's what I think. I think someone wants to freely see whatever you're doing no matter what you're doing, all the time. And don't want to ask before the do it. Consider this, all banks are online so if they ask for your passwords to your bank account, it would be considered totally legal. AT&T is getting back together to become itself again and your phone calls are being routed right through it through VOIP. I don't think you even need a court order. What does it all means, you know, access to anyones information, anytime you want it? I really can't answer that question just yet, I guess will give it a few years ...

internet entrapment
03.15.06 (2:41 pm)   [edit]
I sometimes think the internet was designed as a better way to not just spy on citizens domestically but citizens abroad. Most communications are now taking place over the internet and tapping the internet isn't considered wiretapping. The federal government is asking google to give up records to "make everyone safe." Here's what I think. I think someone wants to freely see whatever you're doing no matter what you're doing, all the time. And don't want to ask before the do it. Consider this, all banks are online so if they ask for your passwords to your bank account, it would be considered totally legal. AT&T is getting back together to become itself again and your phone calls are being routed right through it through VOIP. I don't think you even need a court order. What does it all means, you know, access to anyones information, anytime you want it? I really can't answer that question just yet, I guess will give it a few years ...

Lack of innovation in many industries, well except japan
03.08.06 (7:11 am)   [edit]
innovation (n) 3: the act of starting something for the first time; introducing something new. The problem with gm gmc anc and a bunch of other american car industries is they come out with the same internal combustion engine year after year after year. Most people know the the American auto industry (and a few other auto industries) exists for the sheer purpose of producing muscle cars the have bells and whistles but do not mean much to the consumer except higher prices and more money to shell out just to maintain the vehicle. The Japanese auto industry seems to have a different model in mind. I guess they figure the best way to beat all of the competition is to produce cars that don't break, look pleasing to the eye and saves the consumer a ton of money in the long run. Toyota came out with the Prius hybrid on a sheer risk with the idea of saving the environment, getting to the market first and producing a high quality vehicle with the customer in mind. It paid off and it signaled to the consumer that car companies can still innovate. Thanks to the Prius, maybe one day people can hook up more electronic devices to their car and the car can evolve into more then your grand fathers automobile.

Cartoon War
02.20.06 (12:03 pm)   [edit]
Can you really start a war just by publishing a cartoon? Is the sensitivity to the global-muslim culture forcing the world to become more like them? I'm sure the question on everyones mind is, "If they become upset over 1 person drawing cartoons, then what else could tick them off?" What would happen if people totally rebelled against global-muslim sensitivity and began posting whatever cartoon they wanted until global-muslims either put up with the cartoons or start foaming at the mouth with raging anger. A question I have on my mind is, "If they didn't have gas, would anyone really care?" Maybe, maybe not. Cultural sensitivity is important when you're visiting someones house or they are visiting your house. You wouldn't eat a Rib eye steak in India. You wouldn't walk in some places without taking off your shoes. You wouldn't blah, blah, blah anyway, I have a bigger question to ask. How now, in our new, instantaneous, around the world, close to becoming one world society, do we stay sensitive to the culture of everyone? I find many things objectionable about religions such as women being treated as second class citizens in many of those countries or not being able to eat cows or pigs. I say if you're starving to death and you happen to see some wild cow or pig, truly, have at it and if a woman wants to run down the street stark naked, by all means, start jogging. I find many things I object to but I used to practice different religions for a bit and I found many things favorable such as devotion to a creator and a sense of bonding and commonality. But then you have to consider the fact that if you're wrong, in many religions, you usually end up in a very bad place after you move on. This is something I also partially subscribe to so I tread lightly on many things dealing with beliefs. I have many vague and not to really definite thoughts about what occured with the cartoon and my only thought is this, I'll respect another persons feelings, as long as when I publish, write, or draw anything in my country and my laws allow it, I'll do it and do it again. There's only so far any culture can be sensitive before you either become like them or they become like you.

Nano Technology and Trans humanism
02.09.06 (3:13 pm)   [edit]
Nano technology or molecular engineering will lead to the transformation of what it means to be human. It will allow humans to alter their bodies to suit how the human feels about themselves. The biggest problem with surgery is that modern day doctors are working with things like scaples. Scaples are great and the rely on human precision in order to do work but humans know that a robot is far more precise then a human. Nanobots could rely on micro cutting tools that would do surgery much more precise then a doctor would and with enough of a different number of nanobots monitorin millions of factors can diagnose and fix things faster then a doctor can imagine.

Nano Surgery
02.09.06 (3:06 pm)   [edit]
I think the best applications for nano technology would be surgery.

Nano Technology and pills
02.09.06 (3:04 pm)   [edit]
With nano technology, you will be able to create a very precise pill. You simply take the pill and the nano-bots attached to the pill will distribute the pill's contents throughout your body.

Molecular engineering or Nano-Technology
02.09.06 (2:43 pm)   [edit]
23.5 grams of carbon equals about 1.18 x 10^24 atoms presents a problem when you’re trying to create something from the bottom up. If people are seriously trying to work with nano-technology or molecular engineering then people will have to not take numbers so seriously. If you decide to build something atom by atom, what type of mechanisms do you have in place to assemble something that requires 24 zeros in order to create it? Everything at that level will have to be automated. You will have to create a universal machine designed to take a single input, such as move an atom from point A to point B and other specialized machines to handle other tasks. The easiest part about putting such machines together would be taking them apart. Another question is what type of price do you charge for equipment that small?

Astronaut gives example of what it means when he says
02.03.06 (9:24 am)   [edit]
Students to Track Discarded Spacesuit By MIKE SCHNEIDER, Associated Press Writer Fri Feb 3, 8:55 AM ET CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - Here on Earth we get rid of our old clothes by dropping them off at the Salvation Army. But what do astronauts at the international space station do?

Al-Zawahri and making irritating tapes
01.06.06 (10:54 am)   [edit]
CAIRO, Egypt - Al-Qaida's No. 2, Ayman al-Zawahri, said in a videotape aired Friday that the United States' recent decision to withdraw some troops from Iraq represented "the victory of Islam."

First, I think it's a poor decision to try and hi-jack a religion for personal gain.

Second, I bet the original command and control structure they once had to achieve this "victory for Islam" is gone and they're only relying on new troops to do so. The US pretty much has its original force which means that it really didn't come at a high price so what they're bragging about is beyond me.

Third, he's saying what any idiot would say and decided to wait until the US begins to pull out and say, "see, we caused that."

So, if the US pulled out right after the war, I guess they would say Al-Qaida was responsible for that pull out too. I guess if the US decides to pull-out or decides to stay, Al-Qaida would just say, "um, we made that happen too!"

java is beginning to dominate
12.30.05 (6:10 pm)   [edit]
It seems that j2ee is beginning to be "the" programming language for the net.

geek victory strategy
11.30.05 (7:09 am)   [edit]
My victory strategy closely mirrors the presidents victory strategy. The problem with Iraq is not that it doesn't have a strong government because you can't have a government if it has no protection. The problem with Iraq is that it has no security in place. They are training Iraqy forces to replace the US troops but the Iraqy troops that are being trained should not immediately swap with US forces. It would be nice if we could have both Iraq strength and US strength in Iraq at once. It is perfectly obvious that Iraq will need more then 160 thousand troops. Iraq needs books in place to train the soldiers. Iraq needs schools in place to train it's soldiera. The books must teach the soldier the new idealology that will spread to the rest of the people in Iraq. The US didn't put together an effective Iraqy border strategy in place in the beginning of this occupation because the US doesn't have a clear border strategy of its own. The US couldn't deal with the amount of weapons the insurgents have because the US couldn't stop the insurgents from sneaking weapons over the border. It's weird but the more attacks the insurgents have, currently, the more the insurgents run out of ammunition due to better border security. The insurgency problem is that of supply and demand. If the insurgents run out of ammunition, and the US keeps a steady supply of ammunition and completely swell US and Iraqy forces throughout Iraq, it will slow the attacks to a stand still. The secret is to get the Iraqy military to its size before the conflict.

The worst case scenario is suddenly pulling out the US forces which would stop the US from giving logistical support to the Iraqy soldiers. The soldiers would collapse in their structure and then the cry in Congress will be "why did the US let Iraq collapse."

Reasons for calling for a US pullout range from politicians with their heads in the sand seeking to get re-elected on something the polls say is a popular solution. It of course isn't a well thought out solution. The US, must not lose greater than 3,000 troops because 2,000 troops is a warning indicator and then I might start questioning the strategy. The US must double or figure out a cost effective model to train the troops really quickly.

Here's another strategy that I'm sure is already in place. Build a base (4 months). Have the troops sleep in the base 24 hours. Only allow the troops to go out to do their duty, then have them return. Ensure the troops are well feed and well armored. Continue the process and in the mean time give the Iraqy troops books to read. As a matter of fact, stuff as many Iraqy troops you can get into Iraqy barracks and train them quickly. Try to integrate as many of our troops with their troops and then when their troops are well trained send them out in armored cars to hold a post and set up effective communication.

Everything I'm saying is about as rhetorical as the politicians but somewhere in my thoughts is the correct strategy.

Politics of the Weird Kind
11.09.05 (1:09 pm)   [edit]
The war in Iraq will end when the Iraqi governemnt is completely formed. Too bad the next US president that takes office may get all the credit :)

The World Pulse
10.02.05 (3:17 pm)   [edit]
As we move from payday to payday, what emerges is a pattern. The biggest question is how do you evenly distribute wealth when the your local Purchasing Price Parity could be anywhere between 20,000 US and 4,000 China and your global PPP is about 8,000. That just means that if the worlds worth, which is a little less then 60 trillion dollars, and the world population, which is abou 6 billion, you would have the equivalent of 8,000 a year. It just says to me that the governments have to step in and provide services that people can't afford.

java 3d technology
09.24.05 (12:08 pm)   [edit]
Java programs will "always" face a slow "start-up" due to the number of primitives it uses to load something.

-Personal note

java 3d
09.24.05 (12:01 pm)   [edit]
I've spent my time doing Java 3d research and I've looked at it from many aspects for many years. I still have not found a way to use it as a serious application aside from the java 3d rover program used by NASA.

I need a program to track an object in 3d for my mock miniature helium space program. Yeah, I know, it sounds cute. This is what I'm thinking ... :

Create a board that has gps tied to a laptop that sends a signal to a laptop telling it's position.

The whole purpose is to create a program where helium could be taken seriously as an alternative, "cheaply priced" space delivery system.

I guess I'm bored and have a few bucks to waste. :0 :)

hi there
09.22.05 (11:16 am)   [edit]
I've been "away" for quite some time. I had to take care of a few things ... but with those things out of the way, it's time once again to begin working on ... projects. Like for instance: Dr Richard Norman has created a process to take small hair thin electrodes and implant them in the brain and implant them in other parts of the body "wireless" giving that part of the body "feedback" so things can happen like computer controlled walking in say someone's spinal cord being shrivled up like a prune.

I think it is a pretty good step in cyberkinetics. The new science of totally by passing the body mechanisms that don't work and sending the data via other means.

07.29.05 (12:50 pm)   [edit]
Nice shuttle launch and the fleets back in business. I guess the media wouldn't want anything more then to try and shut NASA down by news stories alone.

07.22.05 (2:45 pm)   [edit]
Why max has to be developed, and it has to work.

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